Western Digital - 2TB WD Blue Desktop PC 3.5" Internal Hard Drive

Western Digital - 2TB WD Blue Desktop PC 3.5" Internal Hard Drive

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WD expands their award‎-winning desktop and mobile storage lineup with WD Blue PC hard drives‎.‎ Extensively tested and built to WD’s high standards‎,‎ WD Blue offers a wide variety of capacities ‎- ranging from 250 GB to the massive 6 TB – in both desktop and mobile models‎.‎ Drive WD Blue with confidence – our colors never fade‎.‎

Improve PC Performance

Pair a larger capacity drive with an SSD to give your desktop a performance and storage boost‎.‎ The SSD maximizes speed of data access‎,‎ while the WD Blue drive stores up to 6 TB of movies‎,‎ games‎,‎ files‎,‎ applications and more‎.‎

Designed for desktop and all‎-in‎-one PCs

Boost your PC storage with WD Blue drives‎,‎ the brand designed specifically for desktop and all‎-in‎-one PCs‎.‎

Technical Specifications‎:‎


  • Interface‎:‎ SATA 6 Gb/s
  • Form factor‎:‎ 3.5‎-inch
  • Advanced Format ‎(‎AF‎)‎‎:‎ Yes


  • Data transfer rate ‎(‎max‎)‎‎:‎ Buffer to host‎:‎ 6 Gb/s‎,‎ Host to/from drive ‎(‎sustained‎)‎‎:‎ 150 MB/s
  • Cache ‎(‎MB‎)‎‎:‎ 64
  • Rotational speed ‎(‎RPM‎)‎‎:‎ 7200 RPM Class

Reliability/Data Integrity

  • Load/unload cycles‎:‎ 300‎,‎000

Power Management

  • 12VDC ±10% ‎(‎A‎,‎ peak‎)‎‎:‎ 2.5
  • Average power requirements ‎(‎W‎)‎‎:‎ Read/Write‎:‎ 6.8‎,‎ Idle‎:‎ 6.1‎,‎ Standby/Sleep‎:‎ 1.2

Physical Dimensions

  • Height‎:‎ 25.4 mm
  • Length‎:‎ 147 mm
  • Width‎:‎ 101.6 mm
  • Weight‎:‎ 0.45 kg

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